Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frugal Tips for College Kids Part 2

Use Your Student ID!

Your Student ID can be your best money-saving friend while you’re in college.

My university gives us a discount card listed with multiple restaurants and businesses that offer special prices or discounts for students, usually if they can show the discount card or their student ID. Check if your university or college has one; usually they can be found in the Student Government office.

But don’t just limit yourself to that; whenever you go out to eat, or have any other “service” you need done (oil change on your car, renting a moving van to go home for the summer) ask if the company offers a student discount.  If you go to a large college or university, you’d be surprised how many places will give you something!  I know multiple places in my city that will offer free delivery for pizza or Chinese.  The Papa Johns in town gives student a B1G1 deal…buy any medium or large pizza, get one free!  How awesome is that?

If you know of any other ways you can use a Student ID to get discounts, let me know! I’d love to fill out this post.


  1. Thanks for the follow, I am returning it now! I am so sad that I don't have the advantage of a student id anymore. I miss being a college student sometimes.

  2. Im a new follower!
    hope your weekend is lovely


  3. Our University ID's gets us a lot of discounts too! I love it! Going to miss it when I graduate!


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