Media Kit

Media Kit

Welcome to Cheap Geeks Anonymous!
If you would like to work with me to feature a Review and/or Giveaway of your product(s), please contact Flufferwuffer at

Why Work With CGA?
I am a PR friendly blog that is constantly searching for new and interesting products to review.  Cheap Geeks Anonymous focuses on anything technology-related, geeky, and/or frugal.  I write reviews; post deals for video games, technology, and other “geeky” products; showcase gadgets and products; post technology news; and sometimes post do-it-yourself projects.  If you have a new piece of technology or an innovative gadget, I'd love to get my hands on it!

Cheap Geeks Anonymous is an ever-growing blog about an ever-growing topic. Started in May 2010, Flufferwuffer (a.k.a. me, the anonymous author) wanted to create a technology blog that appealed to more than just techies and gamers, and tried to bring out the geek in everyone.  Thus, Cheap Geeks Anonymous was born. In four months, the blog has accumulated over 6000 page views writing about all things geeky.  If you're interested, I would love to represent your company and share your products with my readers.

The Stats
These statistics are based on a monthly average (updated 1/4/11) according to Google Analytics

  • Unique Visitors: 888
  • Page Views: 1429
  • Google subscribers:  101
  • Email subscribers:  53
  • Google Page Rank:  0
  • Blogcatalog rank: 5.4/10
  • Twitter Followers: 243
  • Google Friends: 456
  • Facebook Fans: 166

Product Review and/or Giveaway Information

Reviews:  Reviews are a great way to promote a product!  Every review at Cheap Geeks Anonymous is written professionally with product images, links to the sponsor website and social media outlets, and above all, my 100% honest opinion of the product.  Reviews are free; I will just need a product sample for the review.  Sponsor will cover all shipping costs and the product will not be returned.

Review w/ Giveaway:  If you would like to also give a product to my readers, I love to host giveaways!  Coupling a giveaway with the review will gain more attention and drive traffic to your website.  The first mandatory entry to the giveaway always involves visiting the sponsor's website, and additional entries are given for joining your social media sites (facebook, twitter, newsletters).  Thousands of consumers and potential customers will see what someone like them thinks of your product(s).  Number of winners and prizes will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Giveaways generally run for two weeks unless you request otherwise.  Note: You are responsible for shipping the prize(s) to the winner(s).