Monday, May 31, 2010

New Pokemon Games to Hit US in 2011

MORE new Pokemon games?  The newest versions, Black and White, are set to come to the US in Spring of 2011, though Japan will get them October 2010. 

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Black and White will feature all new Pokémon—again.

My Thoughts:

Well, I can’t decide if I’m excited or annoyed.  I haven’t even bought HeartGold or SoulSilver yet—they just came out this year.  Between the corporation remaking the old games and creating new ones, I can’t keep these games straight.  I still haven’t beat the Diamond or FireRed!  Plus, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but most of the new Pokémon they’re creating are just…boring.  What started as cute animals and fearsome yet noble-looking monsters have become recycled ideas and flashy spiked mistakes.  Sure, some of them are awesome but, seriously…do we need 1,000,000 Pokémon to keep straight?  I have enough trouble figuring out a 6-Pokémon team in Gold!

A couple good things about the newer games, though, is the new gadgets they’re adding make the games more complicated and more interesting than just catching Pokémon and battling with them.  Plus, the new graphics are awesome!

So, though I’ll eventually get HeartGold and Black, it will be a long, looooong time.  I’ll wait until the games are on the shelf for $10 and I’m bored with the Pokémon games I have.  But even that will take a while.

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  1. My son loves Pokemon but he, too, is bored with some of the new models. He'll probably be excited to see these games. Actually, I think he already has and was telling me he was going to buy them.


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