Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonders of the Web: Lockerz

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of websites out there that claim you can earn points for free stuff, no strings attached.  A good many of them are scams, and others are just too time-consuming.  A handful truly work the way they claim, like Swagbucks and others.  But today I’m going to talk about a little-known site to my blogging community: Lockerz.
Lockerz is an extremely new, invite-only site; I joined when it was still in its beta stages, and the Lockerz crew are still working out kinks in the system.  But it truly is an awesome system.  Lockerz is a new kind of social networking site that centers (for now) around earning PTZ (points).  There are plenty of things you can do to earn PTZ on Lockerz:
  • Log In – Yes, it’s that simple!  Logging in every day earns you 2 PTZ; all you have to do is click a button and you automatically get 2 PTZ
  • Invite Friends – Every person you invite earns you 2 PTZ.  There are even more benefits if you invite a lot of people (explained later)
  • Play – The “Play” section of Lockerz is videos.  And no,  it’s not the normal, mildly amusing I-have-nothing-better-to-do-so-I’ll-waste-time-watching-YouTube videos; these are movie trailers, exclusive mini web-shows, and music videos.  You get 2 PTZ for every movie you watch
  • Shop – This is the section where you can buy stuff!  Most of the vendors rotate every week, but there are some that stay, like DVDs and Blu-Rays and Lockerz Exclusives (Lockerz shirts, blankets, mugs, you name it, it’s there).  Most vendors are designer clothes and jewelry, but they would make great gifts for teens.  Each product has a certain amount of PTZ you can earn based on its price.

How do I use my PTZ?
  • Shop -- This is also one of the ways you get to use your PTZ.
  Lockerz slider
As you can hopefully see (I know the picture is kind of small), there is a green slider to the right of the product.  Here, you can pull the slider either way to spend your PTZ to get a percentage off on whatever product you choose.  If you have enough PTZ, you can even get your item for free!
  • Redeem – This is the other way to use your PTZ.  Once a month Lockerz puts on a Redemption, where you are able to use your PTZ to get prizes.  Think of it as a Black Friday once a month—you need to be prepared to get what you want!  There are limited supplies, and everything seems to go instantly.  To cut down on traffic, they do things like not releasing the redemption date (though it is usually the last week of the month) or setting qualifiers like you have to earn 200 PTZ by a certain date to be eligible. 
I want more PTZ!
  • Become a Z-ListerA Z-Lister is someone who has invited 20 or more people who have accepted invitations.  What’s so great about that?  Double PTZ!  Everything you do gets you 4 PTZ instead of 2.  And on days when they offer double PTZ for watching videos or something similar, you earn 8.  Think of all the free stuff you can get after a month or two of double PTZ!

Now, I haven’t yet redeemed or bought anything from Lockerz (Shop is an extremely new section they opened), but that’s mostly because I’m the type of person who likes to save my PTZ to get BIG prizes, like a new PS3 or a Wii.  But I know the site is legit because I’m a LAB (Lockerz Advisory Board) member.  I was selected from thousands of members to be the first to know about new things, try out new parts of the site, and brainstorm new ideas.  To thank LAB for helping out, the Lockerz crew sent all LAB members an awesome hoodie that is not sold or made anywhere else!  I just got mine last week; doesn’t it look awesome?!
IMG_1757 IMG_1758
Sounds Awesome! How do I join?
  • As I said before, Lockerz is an invite-only site.  If all the great features I explained for you sound interesting,
    • E-mail Me -- feel free to e-mail me at and ask for an invite! 
    • Leave a Comment – You can also just leave a comment asking for an invite!  Make sure you either leave an e-mail address or have it visible in your profile, though.
If anything, just try it out.  You can always delete your account or simply never log in again.  Lockerz doesn’t send spam e-mail, or any e-mails at all!
Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the cha-CHING! when you earn PTZ!

**Disclaimer** Lockerz did not ask me to write this review.  It is my opinion only.


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