Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Musician’s Friend [Review]

I grew up in a musical family.  Not to say that my dad was a rockstar and my mom was a famous pianist or anything…just that my family likes music.  My mom played the piano all throughout college, and both of my parents pushed us to join band when it was offered in 6th grade (In case you’re wondering, my sister was awesome at trombone, and I was our high school’s top bass clarinetist).  My boyfriend, though not really one of the band kids, has a love for guitar.  When we started dating, he had an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar.  So it’s only natural that almost 2/ 1/2 years later, he’d want a new guitar!


Now, it’s expected that when my boy went compare-shopping online (something I taught him to do!) he stumbled on MusiciansFriend.com.  He wanted this guitar:  the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst

About The Company:


Despite the growth and many changes the company has seen over the years, one thing has remained unchanged at Musician's Friend. We are still a company composed largely of musicians. Many of us play weekend gigs, keep an axe handy at our desks to get in a few break-time riffs, and rock out at our company-sponsored jams. We live and breathe the gear and feel we have a special connection with our customers. Put simply, we are musicians serving musicians.

A Geek’s Take:

BigJones and I were super-impressed with Musician’s Friend! We did have some problems at first, but not with the site.  I won’t get into it too much, but the first guitar had a fuse or something that shorted, so BigJones told the company about it.  They have an awesome 45-day 100% Satisfaction & No-Hassle Return Policy! They gave him shipping labels and he sent it back.  Then, UPS made a big mistake with the second guitar…they dropped it on its neck, and it cracked.  He had had problems with UPS before, so again BigJones told Musician’s Friend about it and guess what?  They gave him more shipping labels and offered to send it Fedex this time.  We loved the consideration!

But it gets better.  They also have a 45-day Lowest Price Guarantee.  BigJones noticed that the price dropped $50 on Musician’s Friend.  He told them about it, and guess what?  They instantly refunded him $50!

Can it get any better?  YES!  When we received the guitar for the third time, BigJones noticed that the package was a lot heavier.  He opened the box, and guess what?  Musician’s Friend graciously gave my boyfriend a $50 hardshell case with a plush inside! (They began offering this free with Epiphone guitars after the first two mistakes) The guitar was sitting lovingly in the case.  Way to make sure this guitar doesn’t get broken, Musician’s Friend!

After this, there is no way I can’t give Musiciansfriend.com high points.  They also have a We’ll Beat Any Price! guarantee and an On-Time Delivery Guarantee (if you don’t get it on time, shipping is free, and you get 20% off your next order)!

There’s much, much more than Musician’s Friend offers on their website.  I fully suggest you click one of my links and check them out!Musiciansfriend.com is a great place to go if you play an instrument or want to get a gift for a musician! 

Overall, I give this online shop 5/5 stars! (*****) SPECTACULAR!

**Disclaimer:  I am not being compensated for this review in any way.  Even if I were being compensated, this is 100% true and 100% my opinion!**

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