Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Packing up and Moving Out! And Procrastinating…

That’s right! My boyfriend and I are partially moving today.  So some of you may be wondering, What in the hell are you doing writing out a blog post?!

Well, I love to procrastinate.  I’m the queen of it.  I procrastinate writing papers, making dinner, cutting my hair, getting gas for the car, taking a shower in the morning, leaving to go shopping, coming home after shopping…hell, I bet when I’m lying on my deathbed, I’ll procrastinate dying.

I guess I haven’t totally procrastinated…there are a few boxes full of stuff…but there’s still a lot to do that I’m just—um—looking over right now.  It’s not like we’re moving that far (about 2 miles south), and it’s not like we don’t have time (we’re paying 1/2 month rent for the new place, but we have our old apartment payed up for the month).  Plus, for the most part we have to wait until my parents come this weekend to help move the big stuff, like our bed, dressers, and couch.

Thus, I have excuses to procrastinate! 

But, nevertheless, I’m worried that this will take a lot longer than we’ve planned.  So, if I don’t post much throughout the next week, you know why.  I doubt it will be a huge problem, but you never know.


  1. Good luck with the move. I HATE packing and always procrastinate it.

  2. UHG I am not a fan of moving at all. I would be procrastinating as well! HA! I really dont like moving short distances, not sure why that matters, but it seems to well suck more. Anywho making my rounds seeing what is new with everyone. Good luck moving. And if you get time make sure to zoom over and get entered into my monthly giveaways.
    Stay Fabulous

  3. Anything that involves moving should also involve procrastination! Hope the move is smooth and painless.


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