Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Passed 200 Followers and BIG Giveaway Soon!!!

Funny Animals


Well, this last weekend I passed 200 followers! A huge milestone in my book!  I want to thank all my followers and readers for the support they’ve brought me in my blogging expeditions. 

I wanted to give everyone the heads up that I will be hosting my first giveaway soon, and it’s gonna be a big one.  This won’t be a sponsored giveaway; I’ll be giving away a couple things I’ve won.  But trust me it’ll be worth it! And there will be extra entries for followers!


Hope you all are anxious for the giveaway, like me!


  1. Hey there :) Sorry to scare you with the Low Entry Lowdown post title! Not the last one just yet... :)

    Thanks so much for your really kind words about the daily post...it means a lot to me. I am glad that you've won a couple of things, and I would love to have the links if you have those. I like to give credit to the ppl who were actually holding the giveaways since they did all the work!

    Looking forward to your 1st giveaway! Love the kitty pic...seriously cute :)

    Ten Talents...

  2. Congratulations on reaching 200+ followers! What an accomplishment!

  3. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! It's exciting to reach those marks, isn't it?! Looking forward to your giveaway.

    xo Erin


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