Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Popchips [Review]

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We’ve all been in the situation before when you’re sitting around surfing the net, or playing a video game, or watching a movie, and you go to the cupboard for a snack.  You grab a bag of potato chips, and go back to whatever you were doing.  Next thing you know, the bag of chips is empty.  There are two options here:  you figure that your diet is shot anyway and go for another snack, or you feel guilt over all the calories you just consumed. 

Well, luckily, whether or not you’re worried about a diet, Popchips are here to save the day! 

My Take:  I’m sold.  These were amazing. Light and flavorful…even the original potato flavor packs such a punch that I instantly wanted to savor the very first chip I tried and yet cram my face with more chips.  Just like the name implies, Popchips are puffy, but they are crunchy like the best potato chip!  They are like a cross between rice cakes and potato chips, with the goodness of both! 

I got to try every flavor except the parmesan garlic.  I loved them all, though at first the salt and pepper and sea salt and vinegar were very overpowering!  By the time I got to the bottom of the bag, though, I craved more!

My favorite flavors were the original and barbeque, with sour cream and onion in a close second.  Trust me when I say these are full of flavor. 

What the company has to say: all the flavor. Where’s the fat?

We don't fry it (unhealthy). We don't bake it (undelicious). We take wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It's a chip. The only thing added is a flavorful blend of seasonings for a snack so delicious and crispy, you won't even notice it's (we hesitate to say) healthier.

What's out? More than half the fat of fried potato chips, trans fats, and cholesterol. All gone. For good. What's popped in? Only what's natural, tons of delicious, and plenty of crunch.

all kinds of delicious. all kinds of fun.

We make potato popped chips in lots of taste bud-popping flavors. Hallelujah, snacking is fun again.


Overall: I give popchips 5 out of 5 stars! (*****)  These have definitely become an indulgence for us!


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  1. I think they're v ery tasty too!!

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