Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday’s Friends And Giveaways! I’m Co-Hosting!

Last week, I was randomly picked by Tammy’s Two Cents and Deb from Menopausal New Mom to co-host Thursday’s Friends and Giveaways!  I immediately accepted.  I’ve really enjoyed this new blog hop!  Not only do you get more traffic, followers, and friends, but you also get to see a bunch of awesome giveaways and enter them!

Click the button above to link up, or do so here!

Right now, I have one giveaway going on.  It’s a Thank You Giveaway for my followers, but new followers are welcome, too!  There are LOTS of entries available, so you have a good shot at winning!

Click here to enter to win a $100 Avelle Gift Card!


Now here’s the GIVEAWAY Linky…make sure your Giveaways go to the one below, not the one up top! That one’s for friends only ^.-



  1. Hey Miss Co-host! Love your post! Sorry I didn't get your email about your giveaway...I just returned back from my daughters soccer game. I totally forgot to enter all 3 of us...oops but I corrected my little error.

    Enjoy your special day!

  2. I'm a new follower from Thurday's Friends & Giveaways!! Please visit my blog at

  3. Congrats on being a co-host. I am a new follower and this is my first Thursday's Friends!!

  4. I already follow you. Just stopping by to say hi to the co-host!


  5. Already following..congrats on cohosting!

  6. Congrats on co host! I'm a new follower!!

  7. I was already following, but stopping by to say Hi!

    Check out my blogs if you'd like!
    And my After Hours blog if you aren't shy! (Adults Only!!)


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