Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tagged! (ANOTHER Award)

I’m just raking these things up lately!  I had no idea so many people read and like my blog!  It really makes my day whenever I get a new comment or a new follower…it amazes me that so many people would be willing to read what a cheap geek who calls herself Flufferwuffer has to say!


I know what I should do…write an acceptance speech!  So whenever I win an award, I just get up on my soapbox and recite a long list of thank-yous and cry as I accept my button and put it on my sidebar…and risk getting booed off stage…eh, okay, maybe I’ll just improvise each time. :)

I received the I Love Your Blog Award from Lemons to Lemonade!

Okay, here are the guidelines for accepting this award (or getting tagged, whatever you want to call it…I call it an award.  It sounds more special):

List 10 things that I love and then tag some friends to play along.

  1. I love my family (including my boyfriend)
  2. I love my cats
  3. I love food (especially dessert!)
  4. I love reading, but I don’t get to do nearly enough of it!
  5. I love those cute moments with my boyfriend…like when our eyes meet from across the apartment or when I wake up in the middle of the night and he’s holding onto me
  6. I love reading comments and knowing that there are people out there reading what I have to say!  My readers and followers are the coolest geeks in the world!
  7. I love staying up late to do random stuff on the net (like write this post…) even though I inevitably wake up around 7 am
  8. I love thinking about what’s in my future
  9. I love the smell of fresh-baked banana bread.  It is my absolute favorite.  Candles and the like just don’t seem to do justice to the orgasmic scent impacting your face as you open the oven.  YUM.
  10. Finally, I love that as I try to write this, my cat (Loki) finds it necessary to lay over my mouse, then my keyboard, then stand up licking my face.  Such an attention hog! ^.^

Now, pass this on to some other blogs you love!


(There should be more…but honestly it’s so hard to pick and choose! Plus, I have another award post coming…)


  1. LOL You are the greatest!!! (And you are always cracking me up!!)
    Thank You for the lovely award! I am honored. :)
    (I'm right there with you on staying up to do random things online and getting up early regardless! Makes you wonder how we function!!)

  2. I've been enjoying your blog so I named you as one of my "Blogs with Substance" honorees! Looks like you are getting all kinds of love this week. Keep posting!

  3. Great award, fitting! Congrats!
    Stopping by to let you know I have moved to a new domain. You can see me at
    I have numerous giveaways, polls, and contests. Here is the sad part, with my move it appears I have lost all my comments. So if you have entered into anything I actually need you to zoom back and re-comment. If you havent entered into any of them, what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there!! HA!
    Site is under construction so please be patient.
    Stay Fabulous


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