Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I’m Excited for Kinect


I’ve been seeing way too many people on the net who, frankly, think Kinect is a huge mistake in the gaming industry.  I’ve seen everything, from “researched” and extremely opinionated articles about why Kinect will fail, comments simply saying “Kinkt is 4 looozers rotfl”, and the inevitable GIF image that takes a video of one second of someone playing Kinect and speeds it up so the action going on looks completely silly.

Case in point:


Me, on the other hand? I’m excited for Kinect.  No, wait.  I’m f***ing ecstatic.  As a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I just preordered the 250GB Xbox + Kinect bundle.  Oh, we are excited.

But why? What makes me laugh in the face of all the speculation and outright disgust?

  1. No Gaming Platform is Perfect

    Yes, you may have your favorite console (personally, mine’s the PS3), but you can’t deny that every console has their problems.  And while Kinect is technically a controller, the same principle applies.  Whether you agree or not, the closest you’re ever going to get to perfect gaming is on a PC (even though, I’ll admit, I’m not a PC gamer).

    Likewise, all consoles/controllers/um…whatever had their issues when they were first released.  Don’t you rememberimage all the TV screens completely desecrated by the Wiimote? Oh, and am I the only person who didn’t forget how people made fun of the Wii when it was first released?  *ahem*giftoright*ahem*

  2. I Need to Get Fit!

    Okay, this one is personal.  But I’m sure I’m not the only person who could afford to lose a few pounds.  One of the downsides of being a gamer is the lack of exercise.  I don’t have a Wii, and don’t plan on getting Move.  I’ve decided to forgo the two just for Kinect. I can’t wait to play video games and get a workout at the same time.  Sure, it won’t be anything like playing Halo: Reach, but at least it will be a fun alternative to the gym. 

  3. I Have Never, EVER Been One of the First People to Get a Console

    Another personal one (hey, this is why I’m excited for Kinect; get off my back!).  But it’s so true.  From when we were young, having to talk my parents into buying a computer after months of hearing our elementary school friends talk about how awesome MSN messenger is and the cool flash games they found online, to now, when I don’t have a Wii (and have played Wii a grand total of twice) and don’t own a console (I’m horrible, I know…all the consoles in the apartment are BigJones’).

    Finally, I’ll get my hands on a new gadget before everyone else.  I know, there are people getting Kinect before it’s even released.  But I live in Fargo, North Dakota, people!  Do you have any idea how many people here are getting Kinect on release day?  Um…maybe a dozen.  After a month, how many?  Okay, 50. Maybe 100 or so.  I might be exaggerating a little, but I can honestly say that our of my circle of geeky gamer friends, BigJones and I are the only ones preordering Kinect. 

  4. It’s The Future of Gaming!

    Okay, this last one may sound incredibly corny, but it’s unavoidably true.  I don’t know about you, but when I first saw Project Natal, my first thoughts were about virtual realities.  Might be a leap from hands-free gaming, but it’s arguably what gaming companies are striving for.  Hasn’t every gamer dreamt about being in the game?  Simply put on a helmet, and you suddenly are on Reach, clutching your DMR and dancing in delight as Grunt-brain-confetti explodes around you.  You’re behind the wheel in Grand Theft Auto, feeling the thrill of driving at 150mph. 

    The fact is, it’s happening.  Slowly, but it is.  But it’s not like controller gaming is going away (seriously, try telling people they can’t play Halo anymore.  Yikes!).  Kinect is just a new way to play.  And hey, I like options.  Don’t you?


So there you have it.  The reasons that I’m going to be waiting impatiently to receive a package on November 4th, and why I’ll probably be skipping class faking sick unable to make it to class that day.


  1. Those are pretty good reasons. I kinda want one...but who can afford things like that when you're in college? :P

  2. I too wish I could afford a Kinect. I am sure I will get one, because this thing is just too cool to pass up. And I only own a PS2, so this thing will be a big leap in my techo upgrade. W00t.


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