Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday, NES!

Yes, we geeks just love celebrating the release dates of various inanimate objects.  In this case, it’s the gaming console that started it all:  The Nintendo Entertainment System!


Nintendo considers today, October 18th, the anniversary of the NES release, even though the console didn’t see widespread attention until 1986.  25 years ago today, in 1985, Nintendo launched a successful street test in Manhattan.  According to Nintendo, that street test meant the birth of a revolutionary reign in the gaming system.

I’m going to try to celebrate today by finding NES-related awesomeness to post.  Wanna find something for me?  Post it on facebook or comment with a link!

Did you have an NES?  Or did you wait till the SNES or N64?


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  1. Here's a link from G4


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