Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Rock Band 3 Keyboard Bundle for PS3 Players


If you were hoping to buy a nice Rock Band 3 package including just the game and the new keyboard because you already have all the other Rock Band instruments, unfortunately, you can’t.  Oh wait…if you play Xbox 360, you can.  Unfortunately, PS3 gamers get shafted again.

The good news, PS3 players, is that if you are looking to buying the bundle including the game, keyboard, drums, guitar, and microphone; that’s still in the cards. Otherwise, you can just buy the game and keyboard separately. 

A Harmonix employee announced this:

“You may have seen that retailers have taken down the Rock Band 3 keyboard/software bundle pre-orders for PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, this SKU will not be available in the U.S. (including Canada and Mexico) due to the agreement terms for the region.

Please note:

  • Moving forward, the keyboard and Rock Band 3 software will continue to be available as stand-alone products for PlayStation 3 in the US.
  • This does not affect European customers as the Rock Band 3 keyboard/software PS3 bundles will still be available in Europe.
  • The Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii keyboard/software bundles are still available for pre-order.”

Licensing issue?  Must be killer for it to only affect the PS3 game/keyboard bundle.  I’m just lucky that BigJones and I have Rock Band on Xbox 360.  Otherwise, frankly, this would suck. 

Anyone bummed about this?


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