Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kinect Passes 1 Million Mark

imageHooray!  I’m soaking up Kinect news lately, and I’m glad to see in a press release from Microsoft this morning that Kinect has surpassed 1 million sales.  This number will probably skyrocket before Christmas Day. 

According to the press release, Microsoft is expecting to sell between 3-5 million Kinect units before years end.  With Black Friday just a little over a week away, I think they’ll reach the mark.

In Geek.com’s article on the subject, author John Browlee indicates that Kinect is outselling Playstation Move by a ratio of 3:1.  However, I’m not a fan of his complaints: “Its field of view is limited, its voice recognition is spotty, its prone to lag, its more expensive than the competition and its launch titles are lackluster.”  I haven’t really had any problems like that with Kinect…and we’ve played dozens of hours.  It’s lagged maybe…twice, but the game always corrected itself.  The voice recognition isn’t perfect, but how can you expect it to be?

Overall, Kinect is way better than the Wii.  Hands Down. And considering nothing else really compares to Kinect, there’s no doubt that it’s awesome! 

[via Microsoft, Geek.com]


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