Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently Series Coming to BBC [+ Trailer!]

Hooray!  The genius mind of Douglas Adams is once again being recognized for its greatness.  Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency series has been adapted for television!  Hitchhiker’s fans, rejoice! 

Here is the trailer, for your viewing pleasure:


No word yet as to when exactly it will premiere (in the US; in the UK it was out December 11), but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about it!  Stephen Mangan will star as Dirk Gently in this television movie.

I have heard some polite critiques of the movie, but I’d rather watch it myself and judge it from there.  I will admit that I’ve never read the books (yes, I’m a horrible DA fan!) so I should probably get around to doing that before watching this TV movie. 


What do you think?  Have you read the books?  Have high hopes?  Will you be avoiding it at all costs, burning your ears out with acid at the mention of the BBC Dirk Gently adaptation?

[via Tor.com]


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