Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things Are Going to Change Around Here…

Things are going to change around here...2011.  Something about the fact that my computer is now displaying that number has made me reevaluate why I started blogging.  And that’s why things will be changing around Cheap Geeks Anonymous.  Not much, but hey, bear with me.

When I started blogging in May, I think I was reading the wrong blogs.  I should have been reading blogs like GeeksAreSexy, Geek with Curves, or jeffisag33k.  I got caught up in the idea that I needed tons of people following my blog right away.  In the end, I’ve ended up with the majority of my following (as reflected by Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Google Friend Connect followers) being absolutely dormant. 

I fell into another pitfall along the way.  Last semester, I was putting too much time into my hobbies, and less time into schoolwork and the blog.  Thus, my grades suffered (got the first C since junior high), and posts on my blog have been lackluster and scarce. 

Both these things will change.  I’m going to start posting more about me, my geeky adventures, and the things I want to post about.  I’ll still work to grow my audience, but not just for the numbers—for geeks who actually want to read, discuss, and comment on what I write.  Some things will stay the same, but I’m hoping this not only makes my blog more rewarding for me, but more manageable as well.

Along with my normal, random postings, I’m going to be typing up two (as of right now) posts that will recur.  First, every week or so, I’ll be posting a “Week of Flufferwuffer” (title subject to change…seriously!) post…which will basically be an update of geekworthy stuff happening in my life.  Next, I’ll be honoring the “Cheap” of Cheap Geeks Anonymous a little more by posting more deals, which will include anything from video game, computer, hardware, and gadget deals I find throughout a day or two.  In addition, I’ll be posting more of my opinions on things—not reviews, just opinions—like why I’ll never buy Apple products. 

To wrap things up, I’m doing this for me…and you.  If you are already following my blog somehow, and decide to leave because you don’t like my new way of posting…fine, I don’t really care; you’re wasting your time here anyway.  I want an audience that likes me, likes what I like, and will worship the ground I walk on.  Hopefully, these changes will make my blog more enjoyable to other geeks out there and me.


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