Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Gift Ideas for Your Geek Girl This Valentines Day

Welcome to my Valentines Gift Guide for Geek Chicks!  Like many people, I tend to agree that V-day is a commercialized “holiday” urging us to spend our money.  However, I think the idea of a day you can spend with your significant other and/or express just how much you love them through material things is awesome.  For those of you that are single—sorry, not my problem.  But maybe buying one of these things for your favorite geeky girl might change your relationship status.
1. Nerdy Jewelry
Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there are other, more affordable, original, and nerdy options.  While there are thousands of Etsy sellers who hand-make geeky jewelry, I have to admit that one of my faves is The Lady Herself Etsy Shop.  Case in point:Heart Fire Necklace from The Lady Herself
Beautiful.  There are many other similarly heart-shaped necklaces and earrings in the shop, and other styles like D10 earrings.  The shop owner also does gorgeous custom work.  Oh, and you can read the review I did of her work, if you’d like.
This is my favorite Etsy geeky jewelry shop, but obviously there are many more options. Quite simply, search “geeky jewelry” and you’re bound to find something that fits your sweetheart’s tastes.

2. DIY – I Love You Bean
Yes, give her a plant.  Not only does the container proudly display “I Love You” on the side, but the bean sprout itself will once it bursts through the soil.
I Love You Bean
Of course, this little gem is sold by none other than  You can pick it up from them for only $4.99, too!

3.  8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt
Another cute item available from ThinkGeek (because I <3 that site).  I absolutely adore these shirts; I keep telling myself that I’ll the set for myself and Ryan (BigJones) one of these days.
8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts from ThinkGeek
It’s pretty simple.  When you’re away from each other, the shirts display only 2 1/2 hearts.  But as you get close to each other, you slowly gain life force…until you’re a few feet away from each other and you’re at full health!  Such a cute concept.   I really want these shirts!  Oh, and considering this is a gift guide…I bet your geek girl wants them too.

4. Icon Pillows
What better way to instigate some cuddling time with your geek girl than to get her a geeky pillow as a Valentine’s Day present?
Craftsquatch Icon Pillows
Cute and functional, these handmade pillows are as awesome as they come…and they range from Twitter to Gmail to Facebook!  You can get them from Crafstsquatch on Etsy (note, though, that each pillow is handmade, so you might not get your pillow before Valentine’s Day!).

5. Chocolate Weapons
Yes, you read correctly…show your geek gal how much you care by preparing her for the zombie apocalypse.  Oh, did I mention that the gun, grenades, and bullets are all made of chocolate?
Geeky Chocolate Weapons
The fact that a chocolate gun will do nothing against real zombies will seem totally moot.  As far as geeky chocolate goes, this is my favorite find on the web.  My friends always joke about beginning an arsenal for the impending zombie apocalypse, and now I really think we should get it started with “The Ultimate “Near Death” (By Chocolate) Experience”.

Well, there you go.  Not a huge list by any means, but perhaps this will get some ideas going.  Even if you/your geeky girlfriend hates Valentines Day, remember that any girl loves a present now and then, and none of my suggestions are limited to February 14th. 


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