Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ooey-Gooey “Surprise Inside” Cake [+ Super-Easy Recipe]

Ooey-Gooey Surprise Inside CakeOn February 1st, my elder sister celebrated her 22nd birthday!  For the occasion, I spontaneously whipped up a cake for her.  Of course, I added a bit of a twist to the typical cake to make it extra special.  Many people really enjoyed the cake, and apparently my little “surprise inside” idea is being adopted by others.  So, I thought I’d post the recipe for all of you!  Don’t worry, it’s very simple!


What You Need:

  • 2 boxes cake mix (obviously you can make your own cake…just make sure you make 2 cakes)
    • Oil, eggs, etc. for cake mix
  • Frosting (homemade or store bought is fine)
  • Fudge sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Your Favorite Candy, or the favorite of the person the cake is for (you need enough for however big your cake is; for a 9X13 cake, I used a full bag of snack-sized Reese's)



  1. Make both cakes (you want to make them separate unless you prefer to cut the cake in half)
  2. Let both cakes cool completely
  3. On one of the cakes, frost the top.  At this point, more frosting is probably better! (this is so the candy pieces and the other cake will stick to it)
  4. Break up pieces of the candy (making it easier to cut later), and scatter them on the cake.  It helps to press the candy into the cake so it doesn’t create mounds.  Here’s the cake I made, with Reese’s:

    Making the Ooey-Gooey

  5. Put the other cake on top of this one.  Make sure it stays pretty securely on top…you don’t want toppling cake!
  6. Using a knife, wooden spoon handle, or spatula handle, poke holes in the cakes.  Don’t poke all the way to the bottom, but enough that it makes holes in both cakes.
  7. Pour both the caramel and fudge sauce into the holes, letting it slowly soak through the cake.  If your cake isn’t in a pan, make sure to watch that you don’t put too much in; it will leak out the bottom and all over.
  8. Frost the top.  You can use whatever frosting you want, but note that with fudge and caramel on top still on the top of your cake, it can easily mix with the frosting. 
  9. Enjoy your “Surprise Inside” cake!
Inside of the Suprise Inside cake



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