Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman TV Show Costume—CHANGED!

You may have read my post last week about Adrianne Palicki’s revamped Wonder Woman costume for the upcoming TV series.  I had some beef with the costume, and I wasn’t alone!  Apparently, fans all over the web erupted in nerd rage over the crappy, shiny, I-found-this-in-a-stripper’s-closet appearance of the costume.  In short, they listened.  Apparently, a reader of DailyBlam! witnessed a production shoot and snapped a few photos. 



Here are the changes:  The boots are back to their normal red color, and the stilettos don’t seem as high to me. The pants are not super-shiny anymore, and there are stars down the side.  Even the tiara is a touch different, if you look closely.

I really like this costume better than the old one! Here are a few more pics:

New NEW Wonder Woman Costume

New NEW Wonder Woman Costume


What do you think?  Are the changes for the good or did you like it better with shiny pants?  Let me know in the comments!

[via iGeektrooper]


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