Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bacon: Just A Little Overdone

Is it just me, or should the “hype” over bacon just stop already!?


I’ve always thought being obsessed with bacon was a little over the top, but then a perfume company (Fargginay) announced that its newest perfume contains an “ever-so-slight hint of bacon.”  WHAT?!  If I smelled a “hint of bacon” on someone, no matter how well it blends with the other scents, something tells me that vomit would begin creeping up my esophagus.   First thoughts would be along the lines of Sheesh, he/she likes bacon a bit much.  Do they BATHE in it?! or Holy Pork-Obsessed Maniac!  Take a f***ing shower!  Without pig fat!

Below is the video advertising Bacon Cologne.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the idea that bacon has become liberated in the culinary world; instead of being just “a really good breakfast food”, bacon is being used in more dishes, ranging from bacon pancakes to bacon muffins to bacon brownies.  Yes, bacon desserts.  This is all well and good to me.  I like bacon.  It tastes great.  No, it tastes phenomenal...and in a dessert it’s no less!  Even Denny’s has come out with a Bacon Sundae.  What I don’t understand is why the sumptuous flavor of bacon needs to leak into everything on the freaking planet

Some Bacon Roses For You, Darling...

Bacon mintsBacon flossBacon cologneBacon pillowsBacon soap.  Bacon mayonnaise.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen bacon purses (I should bite my tongue though...someone will probably comment about a bacon purse now).


Frankly, I just think it’s about time the bacon hype ended.  
What do you think?


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