Wednesday, April 6, 2011

League of Legends: I Hate You

Have you ever been in one of those awkward situations where your whole group of friends went to see a movie/concert/event of some sort, and you were the only one left out of the loop? 
That’s my life every day right now.
My entire group of friends have been consumed with League of Legends, an MMO Battle Arena (MMOBA) PC game.  This is all fine and dandy with me; it’s happened before, so not a big life-shaking deal, right? 
League of Legends Logo
League of Legends happens to be a pretty spectacular game (this is my opinion, based on watching my boyfriend and a few friends play and their opinions on the game).  What makes the game increasingly interesting and addictive is the sheer number of possibilities it holds.  First of all, it’s totally free.  Can’t beat that.  In the game, you are a summoner, and you control a champion (character) in the game.  As you level up, you build your base abilities.  Each game, you can pick a different champion to control, and you spend the game leveling up and building their abilities. There are also dozens of characters to choose from.  And the graphics aren’t too shabby, either.  Though normally, I dislike battle arena games, this one is very enticing and potentially exciting.

But I can’t play it.  I am stuck with an HP Netbook that has trouble loading YouTube videos.  Getting this computer was not my choice; my awesome laptop broke right before the end of summer and frankly, I needed something for my classes.  Until I can scrounge up the money, I can only play PC games by mooching off my boyfriend.  In addition, between doing homework, working, and maintaining this blog, I’m not left with much time to game (especially since when I play video games, I tend to play for hours without realizing it). 
I would like to play League of Legends with all my friends.  I really would.
Until then, I will continue to abhor this game for all it’s worth.  
Whenever I see my friends, after the pleasantries of “How’s your day going?” and things like that, the conversation inevitably gets torn out of my hands and plopped right in the center of League of Legends.  Suddenly, everyone is talking about MF-ing Cho’Gath!, how they totally whooped Annie Bot, builds for Olaf, and a bunch of other things I’m completely oblivious to.  Any sort of strategy on my end to try and lead the conversation back to something I can at least attempt to do more than smile and nod at fail.  Eventually, I end up spouting something totally untrue (or...not?) and inappropriate like “Man! My pubes itch!” or “I hit children with my car last night!”  Unfortunately, after brief confused stares, League of Legends dominates again.
None of this is even mentioning the fact that I get continually spurned by my boyfriend, because he’d like to play a “short game or two” that end up lasting 2 hours...or all night.
Oh, League of Legends...I hate you.


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