Thursday, April 14, 2011

Netflix: Now With Kinect Action

Whether or not that title made sense (I’m very tired, don’t be mean), Microsoft has released an update today (April 14, 2011) that makes Kinect supported by Netflix!

Netflix and Kinect: Working Together

Hurray!  This was one update I have been waiting very patiently for.  Actually, the minute my boyfriend and I updated, we started a show and began repeatedly saying “Xbox, Pause!” “Xbox, Play!”, which finally ended in “Xbox, have my babies!”

Unfortunately, the updates aren’t perfect:  though all the voice commands such as “play”, “pause”, “stop”, “fast forward”, “rewind”, and more are included, the one big fault is that when starting Netflix with Kinect, you only have a choice between certain “Suggested Movies”.  You have to actually use the controller to go to your Queue or browse any other way. 

However, I can’t wait until they develop it so you can search for movies with voice commands!  Or, you know, when they actually release an update allowing you to turn off the damn Xbox with a simple “Xbox, off.” 

But I can be patient!



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