Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Announced! Hopes and Speculation

I wasn't going to post anything new until I revamped the layout and look of the site--but I was too excited about this to wait!  I wanted to post earlier (my boyfriend and I were two of the first to watch the video) but I've been on the go all day.

This morning Satoru Iwata announced Gen VI of the Pokemon Games: X and Y.  Going away from colors, we see...

But more importantly, the games are exclusive for the 3DS and are in 3D!  Finally, a 3D look at pokemon.  The trailer, obviously, is enough to make a Slaking excited.

Although there is a lot of speculation going on, including talk about the legendaries shown and what the "third" game will be called (Z?  W?), my friends and I have our own speculations and hopes.

  • Please, for the love of Pikachu, do not make the fire starter a humanoid fire/fighting type when it evolves.  Please!  However, upon relooking at the trailer, a few of my friends pointed out that Fennekin appears to be using a psychic move.  Fire/psychic?  Hell yeah!
  • We're hoping Chespin is grass/fighting.
  • Froakie should be water/ice.  They have done water/ground too much!  Looks like it might use an electric attack, though...
  • It looks like the game, since it is 3D, will involve more than just walking/running from place to place.  Watching the trailer, it appears there will be some elements of a platform game (swinging on vines, the rope bridge, the spider web).
  • I'm hoping they add something compelling for replayability that I, personally, would be interested in.  I know plenty of people who log hours upon hours with the Pokemon games (my boyfriend included) but I lose interest after beating the Pokemon League.  I hope they add in something to make it more likely for me to keep playing (although the fact it's in 3D might be it!).
  • We predict that the next Pokemon movie ("Extremespeed Genesect") will spoil a new Pokemon from Gen VI, and we think it's an Eveelution in the short "Pikachu and Eevee Friends".  There was already speculation that there might be a new Eveelution in the movie, so the fact that there is a new Generation makes that more likely.  We hope it's Ghost or Poison!
Well, that's it for my thoughts and the speculation of my friends and me.  Will it come true?  I don't know.  I just can't wait until October now!

Pokemon X and Y Logos


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