Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free Video Game: Portal

Steam is generously offering a free download of the video game Portal for Mac or PC.  Better hurry up, though; this offer ends May 24th.  Oh, and you will have to get a Steam account in order to download it and play.  But who doesn’t want Steam

CLICK HERE FOR PORTAL once you’ve logged into your Steam account.

If you’re wondering why Portal is being given away for free, it’s because it is now playable on Macs.  And for some reason, that makes the company want to give the game away for free.  I wish all video games were given away for free when they’re offered on a new platform!

If you don’t know what Portal is…well, get your head out of the ground!  This video game is legendary.  And awesome.

And not to be outdone by Steam and Valve, here’s my free offering:  a video of the end credits of Portal that is already available to anyone for free on YouTube.  But just think of it as a rare jewel.


And remember,

The cake is a lie.

The cube is forever.

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