Sunday, June 20, 2010

Around the Web: Jim’s Pancakes


If you haven’t already, you have to check this website out!  I swear, this little girl has one of the coolest fathers in the world.  Who else could say that their parent’s mission in life is to make an epic breakfast every morning?  With pancakes, nonetheless!?  Just wait till you see this stuff…




Jim even puts awesome tutorials on youtube for some of his creations.  Check out the bacon and egg pancakes…

Awesome, right?  I mean, if this guy isn’t a geek for pancakes, then my name isn’t *******! (haha, you thought I’d tell you?)

Anyway, I highly suggest you check out every once in a while to see the awesome pancake creation this guy makes for his daughter. 

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  1. So. Awesome.
    I wish I had parents like that lol!


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