Saturday, June 5, 2010

Could Summer Get Any Sweeter? Swagbucks’ Summer of Swag!

I’m sure most of you out there are signed up for or know about Swagbucks.  But if you don’t know, or haven’t signed up, now is the time!


Swagbucks is celebrating summer by rewarding their users with Summer of Swag!  The festivities start next Monday.

Two, count ‘em, TWO awesome things are happening next week on Swagbucks.

  1. Monday they'll be having a Swag Code Extravaganza - they'll be releasing at least 5 Swag Codes throughout the day - this would be a great way for any newcomers you refer to start out with a bang!
  2. Each day next week they'll be highlighting a different high value Swag Buck bill, starting on Monday with the 25. Every 7th searching win on Swagbucks will be awarded that big bill, meaning that more people will have big wins next week!

Sound epic?  Oh yes.  Very epic.

If you don’t know what Swagbucks is, here’s a very quick rundown:

  • Use Swagbucks to search the web
  • Or Shop through the site
  • Or complete special offers
  • Or find SwagCodes
  • Or…well, there’s soooooo many more ways!
  • Earn Swagbucks (digital dollars)
  • Redeem Swagbucks for prizes!

I used Swagbucks to pay for most of my Christmas gifts last year.  I saved up Swagbucks and redeemed them for Amazon gift cards ($75 worth).  I have enough Swagbucks to redeem for another $50 gift card now, but I’m saving up for Christmastime again.

To celebrate Summer of Swag, Swagbucks is also being awesome and giving out a SwagCode for newcomers so you can earn Swagbucks right off the bat! Enter SUMMEROFSWAG when you join to earn an automatic 20 Swagbucks.  Hurry! This ends midnight on Friday, June 11.


  1. Hey there! I am new to your blog! I am happy to stop by and become a new follower! Come and visit me at Mama's Little Chick.
    Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  2. I love swagbucks! I have bought so many great things, love it! We are your newest follower! Hope to see you next week @ Welcome Wednesday.

    Jaime & Kristin
    Take It From Me

  3. Hey! Just wanted to thank you for posting the comment about the codes on the Medco post on my site! I appreciate it :)

    Stephanie -- Ten Talents


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