Monday, June 21, 2010

[DEAL] Get Blur (PS3, Xbox360, PC) for $19.99!


The video game Blur, which just released a few weeks ago, is offering a $20 printable coupon here.  (Hurry, they’re limited!)

Print that off, take it to Best Buy, which has the game on sale this week for 39.99, and you get a brand new game for $19.99!

Thanks Thrifty And Frugal Living!!!

Blur is like a grown-up Mario Kart (If you’ve seen the TV commercial, you probably know that).  I played the Beta version, and it was great!  The power-ups are similar to the N64 Mario Kart (been a long time since I’ve played that!) but you get to drive nice cars and customize them.  The game also have a “Battle” game type where you don’t race, but go around and kill each other.

Trust me, it’s fun! I would totally get it with this deal, but with my boyfriend and I really having to save money (and the fact that the PS3 is broken), I’m going to have to pass this one up.


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