Monday, June 7, 2010

EZWinGame: An EZ Way to Win Swag!

I wrote about EZWinGame in a previous post, but now that I have more members, I just have to mention them again!

Last Monday I posted about the $5 Amazon Gift Card I won from them.  Now I have proof that the site is not a scam; yes, you really do win! 

One of the reasons you simply have to join is because of their new “Refer a Friend Contest” that ends at the end of June. Why is it so important to me?  Well, the person who refers the most people gets a Wii! 

In case you’re wondering…No, I do not have a Wii.  For all my geekiness and the fact that my boy basically collects gaming consoles…We don’t have a Wii.  We’ve been trying and trying to save up for one, but every time we get close, something comes up and we push it off.  But we both want one.  Really, really badly.

So, if you’d like to help me win a Wii, join EZWinGame!  It’s super simple; entering the sweepstakes only takes a few clicks.  And there are tons of sweepstakes to enter on EZWinGame, like Wiis, HDTVs, Stereo Systems, Ipads, and gift cards of all kinds!  You’re bound to win something eventually!

Help Me Win A Wii and Start Winning Yourself By Clicking Here!

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  1. I'm going to join I've been trying to get an ipad for awhile maybe I can on here. Thanks!


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