Sunday, June 6, 2010

Most High-Tech Business Card…Ever

So, have you ever watched American Psycho?  If you haven’t, I suggest watching it (unless you don’t like gory movies [but the book is 100X more graphic]).  If you have seen it…you know that part where Christian Bale goes crazy over business cards?  Think of how Patrick Bateman would react if he saw this:


Yes, that is a real business card.  I swear.  As you can see, it is Ramiro Pareja Veredas’ business card.  Talk about standing out from the crowd.  And if you didn’t think having a circuit board as a business card is unorthodox enough, guess where his resume is?


That’s right.  The resume is located in a USB drive on the business card.

Here’s what Mr. Veredas has to say about his business card:

Clearly, it is not the cheaper business card in the world (about 5 euros/piece for a small batch order), but it is a (relatively) small price for having a card in your pocket that has more CPU power than the computer that led the man to the moon.

That business card is fan-f***ing-tastic.

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  1. I actually know someone who has business cards like this. It's crazy cool.


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