Friday, June 11, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

This is the first time I’m linking up…normally I don’t have anything to complain about, but this week…I’m so angry! Here we go….

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  • FAWK YOU to UPS, who has thus far given one of my packages to the wrong person, broken my brother’s new guitar by dropping the package, breaking another of my prizes by shipping it upside down…more on all that here
  • FAWK YOU to one of my best friends’ girlfriends, who is trying to tear apart my boyfriend and my friendship with her boyfriend.  She is accusing us of hurting her months ago because every time we spent time with her boyfriend she had an “emotional break” and needed him with her.  NOW she sent me a message on facebook basically telling me she’s still hurt but she wants to sort it all out “for her boyfriend’s sake” because she gets mad whenever we talk to him.  We only get to talk to him through texts and IM!  And now she went crying to him because I told her I don’t understand why she’s hurt, and he’s DEMANDING we apologize to her!  All because she has him wrapped around her finger and she’s not telling him the whole story!  There is soooo much more I could rant about from this bitch, but I don’t bore all of you with that…I just have noooo respect for her anymore. ARGH.

Wow.  Now I understand why some of you do this every week…free therapy ^.^


  1. UPS seems to be screwing everyone lately! NOT cool!

    Why must girls be so effing catty anyway? Ugh!

    Glad you linked up this week..totally free therapy!

  2. ugh I hate "friends" like that.... toxic


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