Thursday, June 10, 2010

UPS is NOT my Friend…

I get a lot of packages.  Between the sweepstakes I win, freebies I get, and my boyfriend and my online shopping, we get a lot of packages.  I’ve had experience with UPS, Fedex, and USPS.  And I’m really fed up with UPS.

This may end up turning into a rant, and I’m sorry about that.  But this just needs to be said.  UPS has been horrible to my boyfriend and me. 

It started when I was expecting a package from a sweepstakes I won and had been sent the tracking number for.  I was incredibly disappointed to watch as my package that was supposed to arrive on a Friday sat at the same facility for 5 days.  I ended up getting the package the next Tuesday.  I could have forgiven them for that.

Things have been getting worse and worse since.  Once, UPS gave my package to the wrong person in our apartment building, and they didn’t even realize they did anything wrong until the person who got my package opened it up.  Luckily, nothing was stolen.

Recently, UPS has crossed the line in my book.  My boyfriend bought a new guitar.  It was being shipped from Nebraska.  We live in North Dakota.  With the tracking number, we watched as it came from Omaha to Sioux Falls, South Dakota…stayed there for the weekend…and then went back to Omaha.  BigJones called UPS and asked what the Hell was going on, and guess what they told him?  “Oops…we must have put it on the wrong truck.” 

WHAT?! The wrong truck?  Now, this is the second time this guitar was being shipped.  First time he got it, one of the electrical bits shorted out.  When that guitar came, we ended up getting it a day late because the local UPS couldn’t find the box.  They came to our apartment and everything, but couldn’t find it.  How can you lose a giant box with a guitar in it?!  Seriously!

It gets worse.  Our apartment complex is locked 24/7 because management can’t find anyone to lock it at night and they don’t want to leave it open.  The dumb thing (and yes, I know this isn’t UPS’ fault) is that they only gave USPS a key to get inside, to UPS and Fedex can’t.  The only way to get your package is if you prop open one of the doors, which management gets mad at us for.  But for the number of packages my boyfriend and I get, we do it all the time.

So, when this guitar was going to be delivered, we had propped open one of the doors, but UPS decided that since one door was locked, they wouldn’t bother seeing if the other was open, so they took it all the way back to the UPS facility, which is across town.  BigJones was fed up, so just called and arranged to pick it up.

He finally got his guitar.  Right when we got home, he took it out and tried it out.  Happy ending?  NO!  Turns out the neck of the guitar is broken…there are cracks on it as if it was vertically dropped.  So guess what? UPS broke the f***ing guitar!  BigJones called the guitar company and explained what happened, and they are sending him another (again), but using Fedex this time.  THANK GOODNESS!

So, there’s my rant. 

Fedex > UPS


**Update:  I just got another package from UPS today.  The Coconut Oil I won last week…guess what?  Coconut oil everywhere.  All the oil leaked out and all that’s left inside is solid.  Now I’m even more angry at UPS…**

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  1. I love FedEx. When my ipod came last year I missed it so I called them and they had the delivery person bring it back to me so I didn't have to go pick it up


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