Thursday, June 3, 2010

Passed 100 Followers and Brand New Button (Grab It!)

Well, I passed 100 followers on Tuesday and I’m as happy as an ant at a picnic!  Who knew I could get this far in just half a month?!  I have very high hoped for this blog now, and if I don’t make those expectations, it just might ruin my life.  So if you want to avoid that, grab my brand-spanking-new button and throw it up on your blog!  Hey, I just might grab your button, too. ^.^

I’m super proud of myself because I’ve created my layout, header, and button all by my lonesome.  In my high school days I dabbled in graphic design.  Looks like it’s actually paid off in the long run!

I’ll keep this really quick, but I’ve realized something since starting my blog.  I’ve been surfing around the local blogosphere and realized that all of the great blogs out there like Boobies, Babies, & A Blog, One 2 Try, and The Daily Dose of Reality (I could go on, trust me) reveal at least some little bits of their personal life.  So for all my trying to stay “anonymous,” realize that I have to spice up my blog a bit with some really crappy humor and a bunch of sci-fi references that no one will understand like ending all my posts with “Live Long and Prosper, Luke Skywalker” (heh, I know, two different movies) and--

Wait, that is not what I was trying to say.  Okay.  Let’s get to the point.  To be totally frank, I realize that this blog will be as bland as Keanu Reeves’ acting if I don’t spice it up with some personal anecdotes.  Though I still won’t be revealing my name, address, phone number…you might still learn a thing or two about me.

I’m done now, I swear!

Live Long and Prosper, Luke Skywalker

I had to! ^.^

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  1. You are doing so wonderful! My blog is a month old, so I am having similar experiences. I think you're right; people enjoy reading personal anecdotes. I need to do that more too.

    I'm putting your button on my blog.



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