Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asking for YOUR Help!

All right, if you haven't noticed, my blog is looking like the Sahara desert hasn't had many posts lately.  Though I have been busy lately, that's not my excuse.  My real excuse is...writer's block!
Seriously, I'm having such a huge problem with thinking of content.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I can think of lots of things to write, but I want it to be interesting for you, the readers.  I would hate to start writing about something that I think is as awesome as unicorns, but you all think is just unicorn crap (which, everyone knows, is the worst part of the unicorn!).

So, in short, I'm turning to you!  I would love for all of you to suggest topics and ideas that you want to hear about, within the parameters of anything technology, geeky, video game-like, know, what my blog is about.  Want a tutorial on HTML coding?  I can do that!  Want to hear about what new video games are coming out?  I can do that, too!  Want to hear computer deals?  That's up my alley!  The possibilities are endless, believe me!

**AND Another Thing...I'm also looking for guest posts for the same type of topics!  If you have some ideas, comment or e-mail!**

I just want to know what you guys would like to read more about.  Whether you comment or send me an e-mail, I'm all ears!


  1. Sorry! I hope you get some good ideas :o) I would love to learn how to make my pages link to my posts (ie my giveaway page show all posts with the giveaway label) This might be simple but I cannot figure it out and it is driving me crazy!!! Thanks

  2. How about how to make your links open in a new window. I so been wanting to do that and how to change your font color in the body of your post without having to do it in each individual post.

  3. OH Man!! I could have really used that yesterday. I just made a new background and header in paint and had a heckuva time tying to get it up....but I finally did. I want to learn how to make tabs. Specifically, I want to add a tab at the top that would serve as a family album/cast of character type thing. I really don't know where to start on that!

  4. Do you happen to know where to find a good deal on laptop batteries? Not sure if this is something that you want to write about, but I have a HP and my battery was not part of the recall but I really think it should've been because I swear it's going to start something on fire. Anyway, I want to buy a new one but searching the internet for one has been so intimidating! Maybe you have a suggestion or 2 on some websites I could start with? Thanks!


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