Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calling All Writers and Still Open To Topics!

I want guest bloggers! 

You heard me!  I want you to write a post for this blog!  If you would like to write a post about anything pertaining to technology, geekiness, internet, being frugal, couponing...(the list goes on) me!  I'm open to almost anything, so shoot me an e-mail and we'll see what we can work out!

In other news...

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I want to know what you want me to write.  Well, I'm happy to say that I got a handful of suggestions, and I'm going to write about each and EVERY one of them!  Most of what I got are requests for various Blogger tutorials
So, for anyone else reading this, if you have something you'd like to know how to do with Blogger, let me know!  I will address each and every request.  Tutorials do take a bit of time to organize and test out, so it might be a week or two to get it posted, but I kid you not, every suggestion will be looked at.

That said, I hope to be getting e-mails and comments from a lot of you!


  1. Can i write a guest post about how much I hate it when guys get all mad when they realize they were just killed/beaten by a girl when playing Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2?

    stupid boys.

  2. Hi, I'm here from NFF. Have you done a post on video game themed parties? I've seen several of them recently, and a lot of them were really creative. Video game themed food is also popular, particularly with cakes and cookies.


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