Monday, July 5, 2010

I <3 Good Customer Service

Customer service makes or breaks a company.  If a company gives me unsatisfactory customer service when I need it, I’m much less likely to bother using their products/services.  Sometimes, paying more for something is worth it when the customer service is better. 

I’ve had enough good and bad customer service experiences that I get a little wary sometimes when dealing with a company.  Sometimes it seems like companies will find any loophole to not help you.  That’s why I was a little nervous when contacting Tropical Traditions about a prize I had won.

I had won a 32oz jar of Tropical Tradition’s famous Gold Label Coconut Oil from a blog, and I was very excited to try it.  I had been seeing Tropical Traditions reviews/giveaways all over the blogosphere and I was itching to use it myself (as a lot of you probably know, I looove baking). 

Well, when it showed up at my door, I noticed that a corner of the top of the box looked wet.  It had been raining that day so I assumed that was it, but when I opened the box and discovered it was a lot worse inside.  However, the jar itself wasn’t cracked or anything.  When we smelled the box, though, we knew it was coconut oil, and the bottom of the jar seemed to be missing oil.  UPS had shipped the package upside down in a hot truck, and the coconut oil solidified and leaked out.


So, I contacted Tropical Traditions, letting them know what happened.  I partially wasn’t expecting anything, considering I had won the coconut oil and didn’t pay for anything.  On the other hand, it would have been a very bad first impression of Tropical Traditions for them to blow off the issue.

In short, Tropical Traditions went above and beyond my expectations.  As soon as they got my e-mail, they sent out a pint of coconut oil to make up for what was lost and assured me what was still in the jar I had was good to use.  Not only that, but they’re sending along a complimentary lip moisturizer for me to try.  How awesome is that?

Even though everything I’ve gotten from Tropical Traditions has been free, I can damn well say that before even trying the coconut oil, I will definitely order from them just because of the customer service I’ve received.


So…good service, bad service, I wanna hear it! What have your experiences been like with other companies?


  1. I totally agree! As someone who works in a sales/ customer service position, I am a firm believer that great customer service is what will lead me to better sales. Who wants to deal with a company that treats you badly?

  2. That is awesome!! Good customer service can really go a long way!


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