Sunday, August 8, 2010

CSN Stores Helped Fulfill My Dreams!

Well, maybe not all of my dreams, but definitely one of them!  I was contacted by CSN stores to do a review or giveaway on my blog.  Since I have never used CSN before, I opted for the review. 

As I began tirelessly searching for what I might pick from CSN, I stumbled upon their pet section.  I remembered something that I have been wanting to get my furry baby, Loki, since I got him as a kitten 5 years go: a cat tree.

After searching through the monstrous selection, I finally settled on the Armarkat 30” Faux Fleece Cat Tree in Sky Blue.


The Site

First off, I was super impressed with the ease of use at CSN Stores.  You’d think that a site with thousands upon thousands of options would be hard to navigate, but CSN makes it easy!  I love that you can narrow down your search by price; it helps to not see products that are way out of your price range.

Checkout is super-easy at CSN.  Entering the promotion code I had was simple and clear; I know some sites that you have to search high and low for where to enter a coupon code or certificate code.  I’m also really impressed that shipping is FREE for most items on CSN; talk about saving money!



Besides shipping being free, items ship out from CSN really quickly!  The only qualms I had with shipping were with UPS, not CSN.  UPS never updated their tracking info beyond “received shipping instructions”, so I never knew when it was coming, and I by chance found the box sitting in the wet grass outside our apartment building.  Luckily…


Packaging & Assembly

Packaging was great!  The cat tree came in six major pieces, along with a little bag that held the bolts, two fluffy balls (one is an extra), and the tool to screw the bolts in.  It literally took me less than 10 minutes to assemble the thing; you could do it without any directions, just a picture of the cat tree.  Izzy could hardly wait to climb all over the tree; more than a few times I had to push her away so I could finish it!


The Cat Tree Itself

I have to admit, I thought it would be a little bigger.  Truthfully, the website has the exact dimensions, I was just too lazy to figure it all out.  I read all the reviews, though, and most said it was good for cats of all sizes, but apparently people don’t have BEHEMOTHS like Loki.  Loki is kind of overweight, but most of his bulk is muscle from running around and hunting outside when I lived with my parents.  He gained extra weight when he adjusted to apartment life. 

Unfortunately, the tree is a little small for Loki.  The first time he tried jumping on it, it tipped over instantly.  I feel sorry for him because I bought him the cat tree, and he could hardly fit on it.

Izzy, on the other hand, went insane over the thing!

IMG_1950 IMG_1951

Just look at her!  I almost wish we had the money to get a bigger one; it would be so hilarious to watch her climb all over that!

IMG_1972 IMG_1987

But wait! A few days after getting it, I happened to glance over and see this!

 IMG_1958   IMG_1955

By this time, though, Izzy was a little selfish about it, and she and Loki played “King of the Hill” for a while.  Loki pretty much stays away from the cat tree now, but he found something else he likes much better…


The box the cat tree came in!  Loki’s always loved boxes, and I’m happy that I at least got him something he enjoys!


The Bottom Line

Overall, I was very satisfied with the service CSN offers. I can easily say that I would recommend CSN to anyone; actually, I’m currently looking at buying a Baker’s Rack from CSN!  We need the kitchen storage, and CSN has the best selection I’ve found yet!

To find out some nifty things about CSN, click here to read their FAQ section!


  1. I absolutely love CSN stores! VERY cute pictures :)

  2. I love CSN and I love your kitties!!

    I also have rather large cats and unless I get a giant cat tree that costs a billion dollars I will not be able to get Petey and Bella one they could share.


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