Friday, August 6, 2010

Fawk You Friday! Seriously!

I’m linking up a little late to this, but I felt i just had to get some of this off of my chest.  A huge FAWK YOU and a flip-off is way more therapeutic than actually talking to someone about my problems!  Excuse my language in advance…this has been a bad week for me.

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  • FAWK YOU to the people who live upstairs…seriously, do you have to be so loud all the time?!  I mean, I just had surgery, and I need rest, damnit!  Why do I have to listen to the constant *thunk thunk thunk* of the bass of your shitty music?! And then you get off your ass and walk around…that’s almost worse! Seriously, I know you don’t weigh too much, do you have to make it annoying by stomping around like an elephant?! Oh my fucking god!
  • FAWK YOU to the surgery in the first place! You stupid incision!  You’re supposed to be healing, not getting tender and swelling! It’s so HARD not to use your arm to do something…even if it’s not your dominant side!  I felt sooooo useless when I had to ask my boyfriend to wash me off in the shower (okay, it does sound super erotic, but it’s not when I’m in pain and basically helpless.  …..Okay, the helpless thing kind of sounds erotic, too.  And if I was masochistic…ERG! I digress!)
  • A small FAWK YOU to my boyfriend, who basically refuses to help out around the house even though I’m not supposed to be using my arm.  I can’t do the dishes, so I asked him to do them (normally I do them because frankly, he sucks at it).  Guess what?  There’s a huge smelly pile of dishes in the kitchen, and when I suggested he do them today, he told me I was being MEAN! WTF!  HELLO, I can’t DO THEM, remember?!
  • And finally…FAWK YOU to my dumb emotions.  I’ve been in a bad mood all week.  I feel like a failure.  Part of it could be the whole totally-helpless-because-I-can’t-use-my-arm thing.  But I’m bummed for a lot of reasons…financially, things are worse than ever because of both my boyfriend and I being on vacation and me having to unexpected miss a couple of days from the surgery.  I seriously need a pick-me-up…

Okay, I’m done.  *PHWEW*


  1. We have totally had a similar week! Hope you start feeling better really quick honey!

  2. There is apparently some kind of clusterf*ck in within the astrological signs this week...probably the reason for the emotional upheaval. OK, that's crap. You just had surgery, boyfriend should be giving you spongebaths!! Hope you bounce back soon :)

  3. I think it's in the stars. I agree with J and Donda. It's been a helluva week. I hope you feel better soon.

    I'm now following you!


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