Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gamer Girl Woes

As females, women have to suffer through certain annoyances and setbacks in the video game world.  First, most men think that women are inferior gamers, especially in shooters.  That’s usually all the crap I have to put up with, but this morning I was introduced to another annoyance.

It started out as a normal morning.  I was playing Halo.  Out of the blue I got a message from someone, which isn’t totally uncommon because while playing online, someone who thought you were good or enjoys playing with you will send you friend requests.  I was in the middle of a match, so I didn’t look at the message, and a few minutes later I got another message from the same person.  So, when the match was over, I checked them.

First was a text message that just said “good morning :)”.  Second was a voice message saying “….Sorry, I just saw in your gamer profile that you were a girl and…uh, I wanted to say hi”.  Well, I decided to go ahead and send him a friend request.  Seemed nice enough.  A minute later he had accepted and wanted to chat.  This was the conversation that ensued (as I best remember):

(Me) Hi
(Him) Hi
What’s up?
Not much…what are you doing?
Eating breakfast and playing Halo.  Normal morning stuff.  You?
Same…..So, uh, what’s your name?
[my name here].  You?
Ah, cool, I have a relative named Jaxon.
Hehe.  Cool.  [my name]’s a pretty name.
Ha! Thanks.  I think it’s overused…
How old are you?
20.  And you?
Woah.  So you’re all established in the world already.
Haha.  Kinda.  I’m in the military. I’m on leave right now.
Very cool.
So, do you have a job?
Yeah, I work for the college I go to.
Ah, a college girl.  Well, you must be smart.
I guess. I’m an English major.
So, what do you look like?  Hair color, eye color, weight?
Um…well…bright brown/blondish hair, blue-grey eyes, 5’4” ish… (I’m a little weirded out at this point)
Where are you from?
ND.  You?
Texas.  So you live alone?  With your parents still?
I live with my boyfriend.
Ah, a boyfriend….
Yeah.  What, you don’t want to talk to me anymore?
No, I’ll still talk to you.  Your boyfriend there with you?
No, he’s at work.

(okay, so at this point he started asking me other stuff, like how much I weigh, if I have a curvy figure, etc. etc.  It started getting really weird so I stopped answering his questions, and then all of the sudden he belts out…)

So, what are you wearing?
Jeans and a t-shirt. (Yes, I knew where he was going with it.  I was trying to get him to stop.)
What else are you wearing?
Yeah…I have to go.  Bye!


I mean, seriously?  I could have gotten past all the other borderline sexual things he asked me, but that?  I told you I have a fucking boyfriend, dude!  There was a little more to the conversation, but most of it was just me talking about BigJones.  I mean, really, you have to find girls on Halo and talk to them on chat to get off?  What a dick!

So, I texted BigJones and told him about it, and next time we play together, if the guy tries to talk to me, BigJones is going to tell him off.  I love it when BigJones gets all protective and jealous. :)


  1. I love that your boyfriend's name is Big Jones :) My last name used to be Jones before I got married. Glad that wasn't my nickname :)

    I thought Google would have rerouted everything for me too if I changed my url, but I tried it out last night and when I tried to go to sweetsavings after I changed my url to ten-talents, it just said "Blog not found". So...I changed it back. :( I'll let you know if I find anyone who knows anything about it!

  2. Usually when they ask for physical stuff I tell them I'm 340 pounds, 4'6'', and had one of my legs removed due to diabetes. They never ask what I'm wearing after that. =)

  3. I always thought that might be a great way for preds to try and hook up to younger girls. He's the one who is probably 340 lbs and a leg off due to diabetes. You sic BigJones onto him! And if he ever has a confrontation, be sure to let us know! Good reading for sure!


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