Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC Cosmetics to Release “Wonder Woman” Line

image Ladies, did you ever want to look just like Wonder Woman when you grew up? Though you probably won’t go traipsing around town wearing her outfit anytime soon, MAC Cosmetics might be able to help you feel that smokin’ hot! 

MAC Cosmetics is reportedly releasing a limited edition line of Wonder Woman cosmetics!  Included will be a “Themyscirapalette with shadows, named after the island Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) grew up and the Amazonian women who raised her (Themyscirans).  Also, a highlighter and bronzer will be called “Golden Tiara”, and finally, lipgloss with names like “Amazon” and “Pleasure Island” will have metallic cuff caps and a golden eagle insignia.


  1. I used to love watching Wonder Woman! I might have to check these out. Thanks for posting.

  2. This I will have to buy. I just picked up yet another Wonder Woman journal while school shopping at Wal-Mart for my daughter. The journal is for me! Even though I hardly ever hand-write anything anymore.

    Nice blog. I found you through Entrecard.


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