Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh, Hai! I Can Has Hiztory? [PIC]

Most people know of the ever-present online hysteria over LOLcats, but do you know where they came from?  This amusing pic will make you an LOLcat history expert so you can impress your friends with your awesome knowledge!

I Can Has Hiztory


  1. Nice! I have actually wondered where I Can Has Cheezburger got it's name. I figured either I was the only one who wondered or perhaps everyone already knew and there was a strange conspiracy to keep me out of the loop. *It's only paranoia if it's NOT true!*

    Have a great day!

  2. Sweet. That was quite informative. I could totally see myself writing a paper on this in the! Or maybe not.

  3. Where did you dig this up at? Did you make it?

    I like and approve. Very stylish and interesting.

  4. I wish I made it! Unfortunately, society tends to frown upon plagiarism, so I can't morally (or legally) claim I put so much work into something.

    Directly under the pic is a link to Their logo is also stamped on the bottom of the pic. That's where I got it (they have TONS of great infopics like this one that are free to spread around the web).

  5. Short attention span is Short.

    Glad I've got this on my blogroll, keep the good work up.


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