Friday, October 22, 2010

Spray-On Shirts: The Next Eco-Friendly Clothing?

When I was in elementary school, spray-on pants seemed to be a joke of a futuristic culture.  To us kids, it was the epitome of advancing technology.  How cool would it be to simply spray a pair of shorts, pants, or a skirt on from an aerosol can?

Well, we aren’t there yet.  But soon, it looks like we’ll have spray-on shirts

Here’s a video showing a shirt being made:


Dr Manel Torres and Professor Paul Luckham have developed a spray that contains small fibres which are mixed with polymers to join them together and a solvent that keeps the fabric in liquid form in the can.

The solvent evaporates instantly as the spray touches a surface, creating a smooth clothing material that can be washed and re-worn.

Another super cool characteristic is that they will dissolve in the wash.  Granted, this means they won’t last you as long as a normal shirt, but at least it won’t be taking up space in your wardrobe!

Apparently, we’ll have these in about a year, under the name Fabrican.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think there might be some better names out there…but hey, I’m not a critic.  It’ll cost about $12 a can.  I guess that’s worth it, considering you can hardly find shirts under $20 anymore. 

They’re also brainstorming on developing it as a furniture upholstery or medical dressings.

So what do you think?  Would you try Fabrican when it hits the shelves?

[via Geekologie]


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