Saturday, October 23, 2010

Micah Myers’ Comic Book Creations [Review]

I have a really awesome product to review for you today!  Now, many of you probably do not know this, but I used to be hugely into comic books.  Instead of waiting at Gamestop for the midnight release of Halo, my sister and I would beg our parents to drive us to the nearest (actually, the only) comic book store so we could get the latest issue of X-men or Justice League.  We’d spend hours poring over back issues, finding gems that weren’t in our collection yet.  Though I don’t have the money to regularly buy and read comics anymore, I still hope to finish my Excalibur collection one day.
image So, when I first happened upon Micah Myers’ Etsy shop, I knew I would be contacting him for a review.   But before I get to that, here’s a little about his shop.  Micah started creating comic book wallets after seeing another person selling them for $20.  Micah liked his design, and decided to start selling his own wallets at a super-affordable price of $3 for any wallet.  Along with wallets, Micah also sells coin purses and necklaces, and has experimented with boxes and picture frames.
I received a Martian Manhunter comic book wallet to review.  Now, I should say a few things first.  I’ve only owned one wallet in my whole life, and it was one of those fat, girly, I-shop-at-Aeropostale-and-Claire’s wallets.  I’ve had it since I was in junior high, but I don’t use it because I don’t carry a purse and any decent wallet I can find just will not fit in my pockets without looking completely ridiculous.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received this wallet from Micah Myers’ Comic Book Creations
This wallet is awesome.  It’s thin, it’s slick, it’s everything I’ve been searching for in a wallet. 
IMG_2082Design. I think it’s awesome how well this was made.  Just look at it.  The wallet stretched out shows a full picture of the Martian Manhunter (by a very good artist by the way).  Micah obviously knows what he’s doing when he makes these; this isn’t just thrown together.  Open up the wallet and there is not only a large compartment for cash; there are two sleeves for credit cards, gift cards, etc.  That was way more than I was expecting!  I don’t carry a lot of cash with me, but I’m so glad that I have a place to put my cards.  At first I was worried that there wouldn’t be aIMG_2080 lot of room for multiple cards because of how super-ultra thin it looks.  But this wallet easily fits in all the cards I can stuff in it…hell, just to  test it, I fit a whole deck of cards in both sides.  Tight fit, but it can be done! 
Durability.  These wallets are made out of real comic book pages, so by themselves they would be very flimsy and tear easily.  To get around this, Micah expertly lines the wallets with shelving paper.  This is to make the wallets more durable, and protect from water.  Micah warns, though, that the wallets aren’t waterproof.  I knew that for the review, I should test  this, but I was afraid of ruining the wallet.  Well, it got tested for me.  One night while BigJones and I were sleeping, the cats knocked over a glass full of stale root beer, which pooled around my precious wallet.  When I woke up in the morning and discovered this, I frantically wiped off the wallet, only to find that there was absolutely no damage whatsoever!  None of the soda got through, and the wallet IMG_2088wasn’t even sticky, after being in the mess for hours. Hooray!  The only concerns I have is that the corners are easily bent, but they are just as easy to bend back.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to tear the wallet, either; it might not hold up.  But it does stand up to everyday use.
Price. $3.  Flat.  Shipping is $2 in the U.S., but only $.50 with another item.  They will ship anywhere, though, for only a little bit extra!  With Christmas coming, these would make excellent stocking stuffers.
Overall.  I am so happy with this wallet.  As I said before, it’s everything I ever wanted:  simple, geeky, thin, and affordable!  Sure, it won’t last forever, but at only $3 a wallet, one of these won’t be hard to replace, either.  I can definitely say that I’ll get another wallet, maybe with Nightcrawler? Oh, did I mention that if you request a certain character or comic with your wallet, it doesn’t cost any extra?

Um…there just may be a giveaway for some Comic Book Wallets.  You might want to look.  Maybe?
Disclosure: I received a wallet to review free of charge from Micah Myers’ Comic Book Creations.  However, all opinions are mine, as they always will be.


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