Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still Gift Shopping? Try

Not many of you may know this about me, but I love being in the kitchen.  I absolutely love baking and cooking.  Consequently, something I spend more than my fair share of doing is browsing the kitchen department of stores and websites. 
Naturally, I found about 20 things I wanted while browsing just the cookware section of  From yogurt makers to space invader ice trays to giant cookie cake pans, there are plenty of options for gadgeteers or kitchenistas. 
imageOne item I’ve had my eye on for awhile is this Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher.  BigJones and I don’t drink much plain water, and we go through a lot of powdered lemonade mix.  This fruit infusion pitcher would be an absolutely perfect alternative.  This is a terribly simple yet spectacular invention that would allow us to enjoy fresh fruit-flavored water at any time.  Lime water?  Easy.  Lemon water? A snitch.  Lemon-lime water? Mixin’ it up.  Mango water?  Oooh, exotic!  One of the best perks to me is that depending on what fruit you use, it’s super cost-effective. 
I absolutely love the appearance of this pitcher as well.  Very curvy and sleek.  It’s see-through so you know what fruit is being infused with the water.  I’d imagine you could amaze your friends with some tricks; for example, put ice cubes frozen with red-dyed water with strawberries in the infuser, and as the ice melts, the red dye will slowly cloud the water.  Yes…I have a lot of ideas for this pitcher!
Sure, this may not be super high tech, or obviously nerdy like some other products I write about.  But for me, there’s something totally attractive about these types of simplistic inventions that frankly make life a little better.  And as I mentioned before, there are multiple other kitchen gadgets available on the site!
You can get this pitcher at for only $24.95.  A very affordable Christmas gift (or treat for yourself) if you ask me.  But if you want to save a little extra, I suggest following on facebook and twitter.  Periodically, you might just catch some savings from their social media outlets!
What kinds of kitchen commodities do you pine for?  Or do you have a cooking guru on your Christmas gift list?

Disclosure:  I am receiving a gift certificate to in exchange for this post.  However, all opinions are, and will forever be, my own. 


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