Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yes, I’m Back!

That’s your cue to run away screaming.  Ha! 


I haven’t posted in almost a week…sorry!  While in Wisconsin, I had mere minutes every day to get on my computer, and those minutes were spend checking my e-mails, answering the important ones, and *cough*perusingfacebook*cough*.  But now I’m back in action.  Tired, yes.  Not wanting to go back to classes (even though I’m sitting in one right now), yes.  Wishing I could go back to Wisconsin and spend more time with family, yes.  But back to writing, school, work, and every other aspect of life, nonetheless. 

Even though I was deprived of computer time, Wisconsin was a lot of fun.  Wrestling around with my niece and nephew, eating way more food than the average person needs, and discovering that Sesame Street Live can be fun for more than just 4-year-olds were just some of the highlights of my trip.

But, alas, I realize that most of you probably aren’t interested in hearing my sentimental memories of sitting around the table at the Thanksgiving gorge-fest, and would rather hear about my awesome new creation:  the Bacon-Waffle Taco.  (In hindsight,  I really should have taken a picture of that before I wolfed it down)

Well, I guess I should quit reminiscing and start typing up reviews and giveaways for you guys! 


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