Friday, January 21, 2011

Jasmere Deal: $60 to OrigAudio for $29 or Less!

For the next 70 hours (at the time of me posting this), you can get a pretty good, geeky/gadgety deal from Jasmere!  If you don’t know Jasmere, it is a deal site that features different online businesses every few days (kind of like Groupon), offering an awesome discount to the retailer every time. 


What makes it better is that the more people who buy the “voucher” or gift certificate, the lower the price.  That’s why the title says “$29 or less”.  It’s at 52% off right now, but it can go up to 70% off if enough people buy…making the OrigAudio voucher only $18!  If you buy it now at $29 (or whatever it is when you click the link), your credit card doesn’t get charged until the deal is over, so you still get the lowest price.

You do have to sign up for an account, though.  Fair warning.  But all in all it’s a great site.



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