Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top 10 Technology Sites [Guest Post]

Who subscribes to magazines anymore? If you’re a tech geek or you want to become one, you probably already have RSS feeds set up for a number of news sites that get you the information you want about new technology and shiny new gadgets. And a little gaming news on the side doesn’t hurt either. If you don’t already have your finger on the pulse of the technology world, here are a few fantastic sites to get you started. These are some of the most popular and most-trusted technology news sites on the web (in no particular order).

1. Gizmodo: Gizmodo is a great site for everything geek, mostly focusing on gadgets and other fun stuff for the little geek in all of us.

2. TechCrunch: Not really shying away from the geeky aspect of technology, TechCrunch is less a place to go for new gadgets than it is a site to look for business news about hot tech companies and reviews of online technologies like new social media websites and applications.

3. Mashable: One of the most Tweeted sites on the internet, Mashable concentrates its news on social media and online applications. If you are looking for the latest information on Facebook privacy settings, this is probably the site for you.

4. Wired News: One of the top print magazines in geekdom—online! If you’ve already let your print magazine subscription lapse (hopefully in the name of saving a few trees), you don’t have to be denied all the cool information that comes through Wired.

5. Slashdot: Think of it as a combination of Wired and Science. Slashdot goes beyond just reporting tech news into posting stories from the science world that relate to geeks everywhere, like the future of space travel.

6. Cnet: It’s like Consumer Reports for geek crowd. Cnet reviews just about every piece of hardware and software available on the market today. They are widely respected because of the depth and breadth of their knowledge and expertise. Before you buy a new shiny gadget, computer, or piece of software, check here first.

7. Engadget: One of the top names in tech news, Engadget focuses its website mostly on new gadgets (as its name might suggest), but it also covers tech business news.

8. ArsTechnica: Another great tech news site, ArsTechnica covers the gamut—from product reviews, to business news, to info on new and upcoming video games and console systems.

9. Boing Boing: Not so much into product reviews, Boing Boing focuses its site on more interesting, quirky, and out-of –the-way tech news, and it usually has a sense of humor. If you’re looking to go a little off the beaten path, give it a try.

10. Technology Review: The technology news website for MIT, this site packs a punch on stories about new and emerging technology and the way that science is making our world a better place (for better or for worse).

About the author: Gunter Jameson writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and Pell Grants.


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