Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THIS Is Why North Dakota Rocks [Pics and Video]

So, a lot of states in the US that normally don’t get snow (or at least a lot of snow), have gotten snow, “snowstorms”, and the like.  All of us in North Dakota are laughing at you.  I’m sorry for being so blunt about it, but this is one of the reasons I love living in ND—I get pelted with both 100+ degree weather in the summer, and –50 degree weather in winter.  WE CAN TAKE ANYTHING.

Normal ND Winter



<—There is a F#*$ing three story building behind this snow pile.  BEAT THAT.




Not saying North Dakota is invincible.  If there’s a blizzard bad enough, the interstate will shut down.  This usually only happens once a winter, maybe.  Car accidents happen, of course…but not like this:


That is why those of us in North Dakota rock.  As a side note, the past few days it’s been a warm 30 degrees in ND.  Nearly everyone has ditched their winter coats and gloves for a sweatshirt.  Hurray for above zero weather!


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