Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved [Review]

Ever since I first saw Project Natal at E3 in 2009, I pined for it.  It was appealing, exciting, and too good to be true all at once. 

The next year, in 2010, E3 dazzled me with videos of different games for Kinect (aka Project Natal).  Out of all the new games that made me drool in anticipation, this preview caught my eye the most:

Needless to say, I was excited for both Kinect and this game.  I’ve often struggled with my weight, and since gaining 20 or so pounds after moving in with my boyfriend…well, let’s just say I’d like to become at least comparable to those cosplaying bombshells I see male nerds drooling over.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Cover

Here’s what I have to say about Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.  I love it.  Wait, that doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome this fitness game is.  I know, I know that some of you aren’t “into” any games that don’t involve shooting, blood, or dismemberment.  But can you seriously say that you could afford to lose a few pounds or get in shape?

What amazed me about Your Shape: FE is that I actually enjoy working out every morning.  Initially, the fun was in exploring the workouts and content, finding out what you can do.  Now that I’ve found my favorite routines, I’m actually motivated to work out in the mornings. 

I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and can definitely tell I’m more in shape!  I’m a fan of Your Shape on Facebook, and have even seen personal trainers comment on how impressed they were with Your Shape: FE’s workouts and efficiency.

For me, there are multiple advantages to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Kinect over the gym or any other fitness game I’ve seen. 

  • No travel!  I start working out minutes after I wake up in the morning
  • Tons of variety, and workouts recommended especially for you
  • I can see how many calories I’m burning as I burn them
    • Getting achievements for burning calories and reaching goals I set for myself are motivating and rewarding
  • Already, there’s lots of downloadable content available for new workouts, and more are being made!
  • No controllers, boards, or equipment to worry about.  Just turn on the Xbox 360, pick a workout, and go!
  • Your Shape: FE has a website where you can link up your account, so you can view info on your workouts, set goals, challenge friends, and eventually will be able to sign up for events

So there you go!  Just a bit of what I love about Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.  If you have Kinect, I definitely recommend getting this game and canceling your gym membership (that’s what my parents did!).  Or, just buy both Kinect and Your Shape: FE!

To wrap up, I’d give Your Shape: Fitness Evolved a 5 out of 5


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