Friday, March 18, 2011

Kinect: What Happened to the Games We Saw At E3?

Watch the above video.  This was shown at E3 when Kinect was announced.  Now, if you own Kinect, or if you’d played it, or even just been paying attention to the games that have been released, I’m sure you are wondering the same thin as me:  “When are those games coming out”? 


I know, I know that the video starts by saying at the bottom that it’s only a “product vision” and thus may not actually portray real gameplay.  But still, since watching this video at E3 was one of the factors that made me want Kinect, I’m hoping that they choose to develop some of these games.

I mean, check out that samurai/ninja game!  I’d love to try that out.  And anyone who’s played Kinect Joy Ride knows it’s nothing like the game the family was playing.  Even the godzilla-like game the young boy is playing looks fun. 

The whole concept of “using your own gear” I’ve only seen used in Kinect Joy Ride, where you can paint your car based on the color you place in front of the screen.  I would love to see something like that developed more!  And while Kinect Video is pretty awesome, the video shows it being developed a lot more. 

I’ve heard that Microsoft is making more core Kinect games.  I haven’t read anything about what games they’re making, however.  I really hope that some of the games and features in the video will be used, though!  If anything, the fact that these games haven’t been made yet just make me look forward to what they will do with Kinect with more time to develop it.

End of rant.

What do you think?


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