Friday, February 10, 2012

750 Daily Words in an Attempt to Become a Writer Again

Hey, a new post! That means I haven't altogether abandoned this blog yet!

That's the good news. The other good news is that I've been writing a lot lately. But everything I've been writing doesn't really have a place here.

I discovered a site called 750Words, and I promptly signed up and started writing. Surprisingly, the site was suggested to me by a few of my professors as a way to force oneself to write every single day. Because, writing every day makes you a better writer? (or some sort of logic like that)

So, I've been writing.  Daily.  I really like the site, because the badge system encourages you to come back and write every day and never miss a day or oh-my-fucking-god you just lost your 10-day-streak badge and now you have to start all over.  Which happened to me.  I missed my sixth day (although I blame the fact that my computer refused to connect to the internet the entire day).  When I went back to the site the next day and discovered I had to start over, I sat staring at the screen for a good 10 minutes in mock fury while my right eye twitched.

Anyway, want to know the really super cool thing about the site?  THIS

How fucking nifty is that?  Those are my stats from writing today.  Each day the site gives stats on how fast you typed and how quickly you finished, what your mood is, and your mindset.  While it isn't always completely accurate, I think it's really fucking cool, so you should too.

In short, I just wanted to let anyone still bothering to read this blog know that I'm not giving up--yet.  I'm still writing, and I still have my other, class blog to worry about, but I am too stubborn to completely give up on this, too.

Also, I'm thinking about recruiting another author to post on here.  Not sure we're going to go through with that, though.


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